Wireless Power Supply

Guide to Go Wireless!

WiPower Charging Technology for a Complex Hi-Tech World

WiPower is a technology set up company that has used principles of inductive coupling to build up a near-field wireless energy transfer system. The technology employs two components that are distinctive of all inductive power systems: a transmitter and a receiver. The WiPower system makes use of directed and controlled magnetic fields to substitute traditional […]

Powercast Introduces Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor System

The technology enables the sensors to receive and harvest RF energy to power their own transmissions, removing the need for replaceable batteries. Powercast Corporation is the foremost supplier of RF-based wireless power technologies for low power applications. Powercast technologies and products offer wireless power over distance, eradicate or reduce the requirement for batteries, and allow […]

Sony Develops a Highly Efficient Wireless Power System

How many times have you hoped and wished for a wireless solution to those power cables running all around your systems ? Well, here is an answer to your prayers. Sony has come up with its recent innovation : Wireless Power Transfer System. The concept of Wireless Power has been in news for some time […]

A New TV That Uses Wireless Power System

The electronics maker Haier demonstrated a new kind of TV in a Consumer Electronics Show that uses a wireless power system reducing the clutter behind the TV. Wireless electricity is a nascent technology but not more and more electronics companies are taking interest in eliminating the cables lying around in your home. Wireless TV is […]

WiTricity Demos Wireless Power Supply

Eric Giler CEO of WiTricity, a startup company set out to offer wireless electricity demos how wireless power supply would work. The technology was developed by an MIT team led by theoretical physicist Marin Soljaƒçiƒá. WiTricity is one of several startups developing tech to safely transmit power through the air. The technology at the core […]

Sony to develop wireless power transfer technology

Now the Sony has entered wireless electricity domain! The plans were announced recently to incorporate wireless power technology into its TV systems. There are already several start up companies working to produce the technology, but there were no major players involved. With Sony’s entry, we can expect to see more activity in this arena. Other […]

Witricity’s Plans for Wireless Electricity

BBC News reports that – “For a few years now the idea of wireless power has been a shining light in the lives of gadgeteers, whose homes resemble cable repositories. At the TED Global 2009 conference this week, it got one step closer. Eric Giler, chief executive of Witricity unveiled the concept which is based […]

Power Mats

Wireless power mats may not available in your neighborhood electronics store, but they will soon coming to a store near you! It is an exciting and emerging technology. There are few companies planning to roll out wireless power pads in late 2009 and some are taking pre-orders. UPDATE: Powermats are now available in US. Please […]

Wireless power making headways

Economist has published a good article about the latest trends in Wireless Power technology. It says the fierce competition between manufacturers of mobile devices is also accelerating the introduction of wireless charging. The star of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, an annual jamboree held in Las Vegas, was the Pre, a snazzy smart-phone from Palm […]


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