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Powercast Introduces Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor System

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The technology enables the sensors to receive and harvest RF energy to power their own transmissions, removing the need for replaceable batteries.

Powercast Corporation is the foremost supplier of RF-based wireless power technologies for low power applications. Powercast technologies and products offer wireless power over distance, eradicate or reduce the requirement for batteries, and allow devices to be charged or powered without connectors and wires.

Powercast technology offers actual wireless power for continuous charging and power-over-distance for one or more devices. Wireless power transmission is based on frequently used radio waves and Podcast’s patented RF-to-DC conversion technology. The blend allows low-power electronic devices to become finally untethered with trickle-charge embedded wireless power.

Powercast components – embedded wireless power modules – join together flawlessly with power distribution and storage systems for low power electronic devices by delivering MICRO-WATTS to LOW MILLIWATTS without wires.

Powercast brings remote, wireless power ability to micro power devices such as data loggers, wireless sensors, RTLS tags, active RFID, and many more. RF energy harvesting technology from Powercast breaks new ground in remote, wireless power by escalating the efficiency of converting RF energy (radio waves) into DC power allowing that efficiency over a wide operating range. Powercast embedded power technology permits battery substitution to be reduced or removed by trickle charging rechargeable batteries or by means of supercapacitors and thin-film energy cells.

Why RF Based Wireless Power?

Minimizes Operational Costs


  • Eliminates service downtime caused by used up batteries
  • Decreases battery handling and disposal
  • Eradicates cost to hard wire or substitute batteries- e.g. wireless sensors

Improved Product Design


  • Embedded power – remove cables, wires, connectors
  • Sealed devices – less costly enclosures and manufacturing
  • Reliability – reduced product failures, improved durability, eliminate ESD

Convenience and Usability


  • Embedded powers – connectors
  • Placement flexibility – no charging stations or charging mats
  • Transparent charging – user action is not needed

Powercast Wireless Sensor System

The Powercast Wireless Sensor System is made up of the WSG-101 Building Automation System (BAS) Gateway, Lifetime Power Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor (WSN-1001), and the TX 91501 Powercaster Transmitter. The parts of the Powercast Wireless Sensor System work jointly to send out precise temperature and humidity measurements in real time through a BAS network with a wide range of physical interfaces and industry standard set of rules including LonWorks, Metasys, BACnet, and Modbus.


HVAC Control

Sensor input is important for control and operation of HVAC systems. Wireless technology significantly reduces the installation cost for sensors, permits rapid development, and overcomes construction obstructions that can make wiring impossible. Powercast wireless sensors can be set up off-site and deployed in minutes at the project site, resulting in minimal occupant disturbance and reduced installation costs. Precise transmitter types for HVAC systems comprise wall-mount temperature, temperature with external probes, CO2, Humidity, pressure, and open-close.

Lighting Control

Lighting accounts for a considerable portion of overall energy consumption in commercial buildings. The capability to compute light levels is a significant parameter for controlling and optimizing light output. Daylighting, or daylight harvesting, can be used to decrease the amount of light output from overhead fixtures. Powercast light sensor calculates lux values which can be used as input to a wide range of lighting systems for on/off and dining control.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitoring and data logging of environmental conditions and equipment status can lead to energy savings, reduced downtime and energy savings. Powercast solution, used together with 3rd party monitoring partners, offers an automated solution to remotely watch equipment and sites. Real-time email and text message alerts can notify staff when operating parameters go above the desired range, and data logging can be used for predictive or trending maintenance.

Industrial Automation

Powercast technology permits facility and plant monitoring with minimal or zero maintenance. Wireless monitoring allows you to go from monthly visits with clipboards to receiving automated electronic data each minute for detailed trending and data logging. Equipment malfunction can be better foreseen to reduce system or production downtime.

Medical Compliance

As added compliance measures (e.g. JCAHO) are required of hospitals, staff can become overloaded with documenting routine measurements.

Powercast solution, used together with 3rd party monitoring partners, offers an automated way to collect vital environmental data from a variety of sensitive equipment such as blanket warmers, refrigerators and freezers. Environmental fact is logged automatically and stored up on secure servers. Compliance reports can be produced weekly or monthly, and real-time email and text messages alerts can let staff know when environmental parameters go beyond the preferred operating range.


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