Wireless Power Supply

Guide to Go Wireless!

Sony Develops a Highly Efficient Wireless Power System

How many times have you hoped and wished for a wireless solution to those power cables running all around your systems ? Well, here is an answer to your prayers. Sony has come up with its recent innovation : Wireless Power Transfer System. The concept of Wireless Power has been in news for some time […]

A New TV That Uses Wireless Power System

The electronics maker Haier demonstrated a new kind of TV in a Consumer Electronics Show that uses a wireless power system reducing the clutter behind the TV. Wireless electricity is a nascent technology but not more and more electronics companies are taking interest in eliminating the cables lying around in your home. Wireless TV is […]

Sony to develop wireless power transfer technology

Now the Sony has entered wireless electricity domain! The plans were announced recently to incorporate wireless power technology into its TV systems. There are already several start up companies working to produce the technology, but there were no major players involved. With Sony’s entry, we can expect to see more activity in this arena. Other […]


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