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WiPower Charging Technology for a Complex Hi-Tech World

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WiPower is a technology set up company that has used principles of inductive coupling to build up a near-field wireless energy transfer system. The technology employs two components that are distinctive of all inductive power systems: a transmitter and a receiver. The WiPower system makes use of directed and controlled magnetic fields to substitute traditional power cords. In order to do this, the transmitter makes use of one or more primary windings so as to induce an even magnetic field over its surface. A receiver in the magnetic field utilizes a secondary winding which captures the magnetic energy and changes it back to electrical energy.

WiPower’s system, is based on modified coreless induction technology and dynamically adapts power supplied by the transmitter to power demanded by the receiver without the need for communication or control systems. As such, the company’s technology signifies a simpler design versus alternate wireless power solutions. The system is competent of transmitting power to many receivers at the same time that are placed on top of the transmitter in any position or orientation, and the company has accounted DC to DC efficiencies between 60-90%.

WiPower technology makes your life simpler by powering tablets, mobile phones and wide choices of items with no use of wires or the need to correctly position a device on a charging region.

Build up by Qualcomm, the industry head in next – generation wireless technologies, WiPower Technology employs inductive wireless energy transfer to pleasingly decrease the amount of unsightly power strips, device chargers and congested wall outlets.

WiPower technology for your Daily Life

You might have seen it – a drawer full of knotty plug-in-chargers….one for your tablet…another for your mobile phone…movie cam, digital camera, power tools, game controller etc. Bring to an end the disorder, discover simplicity. WiPower Technology can facilitate the hassle-free charging of low power electronic devices.

Advantages of WiPower Technology:

  1. Decreases mess by removing or lessening the amount of associated wires and chargers.
  2. Does not need specific alignment of devices on charging area or direct contact.
  3. Charges through surfaces, allowing aesthetic designs that blend into the home, autos, office, furniture…wherever you require it.
  4. Charges many devices at once, thereby saving users time.
  5. Designed to allow charging and powering of a wide range of products together with mobile phones, consumer electronics and other battery powered/low power direct charge devices.

Qualcomm WiPower approaching to your Home and Car soon

Qualcomm’s WiPower platform is anticipated to transport in the 1st half of 2012 to manufacturing partners, with the technology expectantly coming out in OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) products before 2012 is up.

That’s as per Mark Hunsicker, Qualcomm’s senior director, product management and business development, who Pocket-lint held up with at MWC. He said that evaluation kits would be sent out to producers soon.

What this means is that we could be observing wireless charging solutions set up into everything from bed side cabinets to kitchen tables, from car glove boxes to dashboards.

And that’s for the reason that, unlike wireless charging solutions from the likes Duracell with its Powematt arrangement, Qualcomm is not working on a simple mat distribute as a product. It is looking to develop the technology into daily surfaces.

According to Hunsicker, it’s a straightforward technology and has been around for a number of years. But this approach, which gives the liberty of placement and design – the x, y and z abilities – is in fact going to be a medium that is going to drive the market.

This “x, y and z” feature refers to the flexible coupling feature of the technology. The “x and y” are where the device sits and the “z” mentions to the height allowance which means you can you can throw devices on WiPower surface and regardless of where it lands, it will charge. As WiPower can work even with no contact – just before a height of 40mm the juice needed to charge your tech can still be beamed over.

The “z” is tunable as well (25-40mm) which means that when it comes to fitting into real items – work counters, tables, dashboards and so on – the OEM will be able to have the point of contacts as the optimal charging point. WiPower can charge many items at once and is not influenced by small metal entities such as coins and keys.

So, assuming the OEMs get their acts together, we could be seeing some WiPower action in the not too distant future.


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